Petrol Westminster

Petrol Westminster

The superb, close-cut precision of the Westminster Petrol Lawn Mower is suitable for the maintenance of cricket wickets, bowling and golf greens and the finest formal ornamental lawns.

Powered by a 196cc Honda four-stroke single cylinder petrol engine, this fine turf mower is equipped with 12-bladed cutting cylinder delivering an impressive 145 cuts per metre. The Westminster 20H features an infinitely variable micro-cutting height adjustment from 3/32″ to 3/4″ (2.4mm – 19mm) and a double section aluminium rear roller as standard.

The mower also features comfortable height adjustable handlebars to help avoid any back strain issues for the operator.

Its wheels enable the mower to be transported safely across hard surfaces like car parks and courtyards, without damage to cylinder or rollers.

100% manufactured in Great Britain, the Allett Westminster petrol cylinder lawn mower carries a two year warranty on parts and labour.

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